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Anthony Grant

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Anthony Grant

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In Israel, antiquity comes with a flash of the future: it's the land of the Bible, and the cradle of high-tech. It's the Sea of Galilee where Jesus walked, and fast-paced Tel Aviv, a city much newer than New York. Bittersweet Masada. Holy Jerusalem. Deserts and beaches. Beguiling and beautiful, earthy and unreal: Israel is all this.


Anthony was three when he made his first trip to Israel, with parents who had lived in Turkey prior. He's written on travel for many publications including the Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post and The New York Times. He contributed to an early version of The Atlantic's Website, in Boston's Back Bay, and co-wrote the prize-winning Rough Guide to Boston. He worked under former Playboy editor Barry Golson at Forbes Traveler in New York and has lived and labored in Moscow, Montreal, Paris, and Manhattan. A native of Southern California, since 2010 he's been based principally in Tel Aviv.


Anthony holds a Bachelor of Science in Journalism and a Master of Arts in International Relations, both from Boston University.

By Anthony Grant:

Israel has an outsized mythical status, not unlike Venice or Manhattan. It has a spectacular location on the Mediterranean, an incomparably rich and, yes, complex history and all the energy and vibrancy of a young country, too. It's also no stranger to controversy and conflict. But there is truly no other place like it.

Some people are drawn to Israel for religious reasons, to reconnect with their Jewish roots in the ancient home of the Jewish people. What attracts me the most (other than the abundant sunshine) is the spirit of the Israelis, who through their incredible work ethic and creative drive make Israel a fascinating place to discover. Of course, the ancient Roman ruins, Biblical sites, dreamy beaches and delicious food are all reasons to come too. Once you start discovering these, you'll find time is always running short here, but you'll begin as well to see what Israel is really all about.

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