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Sexy Meal of the Week: Mizlala


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Sexy Meal of the Week: Mizlala
Sexy Meal of the Week: Mizlala

German hunting lodge fare divided by "My Dinner with Smurfette" equals something like this at Mizlala.

Photo: Anthony Grant
On the menu, I spot this: "Boulangerie" Croissant, Calf Brain, Tomato Tabgha, Smoked Peppers and Eggplants, Ratte Potatoes, Preserved Lemons, Hard Boiled Egg & Coriander. That's a mouthful, and I haven't even ordered it yet.

Nor will I. A concoction like that is not just lip service to sensory overload, it's full on delivery of it. But dining at Mizlala is like that...you're pulled in to a tango of temptations that are best shared; what might be too much for just one to bear becomes a more unbridled adventure when taken on by two. More mains: Mullet Fillet, Aranchini, Sweet Peppers Stew, Leek and Wine, Garlic, Smoked Paprika & Coriander. Pork Belly Cooked Slowly in Whisky and Maple, Corn Milk, Apples, Celery and Ginger in Barbeque Butter. Calamari Stuffed with Shrimp, Smoked Eggplants Wheat Groats, Olive Oil, Chickpeas & Hot Bacon Salad, Cumin and Cinnamon, Goat Yogurt, Okra and Purslane.

Break out the dictionary and the Tums. Because no matter how many international boundaries your palate just crossed, you'd be remiss to part without a little dessert. But if you think you're in for a soft finish, think again.

Coffee & Brandy Cream, Caramel & Sea Salt Foam, Bitter Chocolate Terracotta and Raspberry Beans. Vanilla Brulee, Rhubarb Apricot and Hot Spices Compote, Raspberry Sorbet and Lemon Crumble. Cacao and Nuts Ice Cream Sandwich, Toffee Ice Cream and Vanilla Tonka Foam.

Chef Adoni, how dare you?

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