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Two Brothers, One Table and a Whale
Tel Aviv Restaurants 2.0

Fried artichokes with labneh at Brothers restaurant in Tel Aviv

Is there a doktor in the house? Actually, at 12 Ibn Gavirol Street in Tel Aviv, there are two, each with a de facto degree in New Israeli Tasty: Yotam Doktor and his brother Asaf Doktor helm a new restaurant called, appropriately enough, Brothers, and from the homemade iced tea and arak to the charcoal-grilled meats, this place is serving up some serious yum.

It's not the only restaurant to rock its way into Tel Aviv's high-octane culinary constellation lately, which is why this particular resto-dispatch comes as a set. Brothers, or HaAchim in Hebrew, is built along simple yet strong lines, through which run through charcoal-grilled meats by way of Mediterranean small plates which, as the familial-style name would imply, are great for sharing.

With its high ceiling, exposed brick wall, semi-open kitchen and urbane bar space (where it's perfectly acceptable to eat), Brothers is hip. I went at lunchtime and expect it gets quite crowded at night, but whether for lunch or dinner the first thing I would recommend doing is ordering a pitcher of homemade arak (if you're with friends) or pitcher of homemade iced tea (if with family). The former is a lovely 18 proof concoction and actually, you can order an iced tea arak blend.

Drink it up as you behold the best appetizer in the house: deep-fried artichokes with garlic and parsley atop a mound of farm fresh labne. This packed a flavor punch I did not find in the fattoush salad with grilled halLoumi (but more on halloumi later). But the house cut French fries, as good as any I've ever had in Brussels if not better, saved the day. HANDS DOWN the best fries in Tel Aviv.

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