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Pictures of Israel

Pictures of Israel: it's no surprise that the Holy Land is a very photogenic place. Here's a gallery of unique images to give you a flavor of Israel before, during and after your trip.
  1. Masada and the Dead Sea (2)
  2. Tel Aviv in Pictures (3)

Around the Sea of Galilee
Israel's Green North

More Tel Aviv Street Art
Tel Aviv Street Art

Images of Jaffa

Israel's Best Beaches
Israel has 137 officially recognized beaches. Here's looking at some of the best.

Winter in Israel
Christmas in Israel

Tel Aviv From Above
Aerial view of Tel Aviv's seaside promenade

Israel's Desert Showstopper

Israel Photos
Photographs by renowned Israeli photojournalist Ziv Koren

Views of The Dead Sea
The Dead Sea is the lowest point on Earth.

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