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No matter what your interests are, the top sights and attractions in Israel are wide and varied. Even in this small country, there are great things to see for all interests and types of travelers. Browse this section to get more information about the storied sights and popular destinations in Israel.

Sexy Israeli Beaches
Israel's sexiest beaches

Top 10 Reasons to Visit Israel
Few countries this small at 8,019 square miles, Israel is smaller than New Jersey pack in as much history, geographical diversity and cultural treasures.

Top 10 Sights in Israel
In a country with a history that stretches back thousands of years, it can be tough knowing where to begin your visit: a glimpse of the Dead Sea Scrolls at the Israel Museum is an enlightening experience, but whiling away a morning at cafe in old Jaffa might be more nourishing to some. But any roundup of this compact country's top sites must...

Check Out Israel's Ancient Secrets
Beyond the Western Wall and Masada, there are ancient attractions aplenty throughout Israel, a land that has been at the crossroads of empires for millennia.

Israel's Desert Showstopper

Israel's Red Hot Museums
A list of the best museums in Israel

Seven Places in Israel That Will Make You Cry
Forget the Jersey Shore...Israel's coastline is unadulterated aesthetic bliss.

Top UNESCO Sites in Israel
UNESCO sites in Israel

Get Into the Groove, Kerem-style
Take a closer look at one of Tel Aviv's most compact yet most compelling neighborhoods, Kerem HaTeimanim. Great food finds and beach-close, too!

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