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Sexy Israeli Beaches

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Sexy Israeli Beaches

Israel boasts some startlingly sexy beaches.

Photo: Anthony Grant
In an ideal world, Israel would make headlines solely on account of its gorgeous beaches. Say what you will about the Holy Land (and Lord knows, people do), it is fundamentally a Mediterranean country, and that means some very badass beaches are yours for the tanning.

Winter, spring, summer and fall, you've got four seasons of seriously sexy.

North to south, there are 137 recognized beaches from ultra urban to nearly virginal. Whatever your tastes, beach bliss is seldom far. Some beaches are overcrowded and touristy, some are great for families. Some are reserved for an ultra-Orthodox crowd. Some are for dogs. Some you couldn't find if you tried, and some are frankly a little yucky. But that one up in Haifa, and the ones below? Sexy.

1. Bat Yam beaches

What makes this beach sexy is its off-the-radar feel even though it's just south of Jaffa. This is where you go when you have a free afternoon in Tel Aviv but can't handle the city's boardwalk bustle. Bat Yam isn't glamorous, but the beach is actually wider (and I'd guess, cleaner) than Tel Aviv's crowded coastal strip.

2. Palmachim

South of Bat Yam, outside Rishon Letzion but before Ashdod, you'll find the wide golden sands of Palmachim. It's a generally uncrowded no frills beach though there are lifeguard stations. Nearby, there's an archaeological museum at Kibbutz Palmachim.

3. Hilton Beach

If you're looking for a sliver of Tel Aviv beach that qualifies as both beautiful and hip -- in short, if you're looking for a sexy beach -- head to the horseshoe-shaped beach in front of the Hilton Hotel. Part of it is Tel Aviv's unofficial gay beach, but what's really sexy about it is that there's no traffic noise on this end of Tel Aviv's beachfront, so all manner of high jinks can be had, at least in theory, in this vaguely Ibiza-like setting.

4. Netanya

This city north of Tel Aviv but south of Haifa attracts many French expatriates and may not have many other claims to fame, but few would argue that its 8.5 miles of cliff-backed beaches are short of spectacular. Paragliders are a common sight here.

5. Gaash

North of Herzliya, south of Netanya, but pretty much off the map: that's Gaash. Buffered from the edge of the coastal plain by cliffs, there is a secluded island feel to the beach here. The southernmost section is family-oriented with basic services; the more north you venture, the fewer families, and articles of clothing you're likely to encounter (I said secluded).

6. Caesarea

The stretch of coast at Caesarea called Aqueduct Beach is short but sweet: where else in the Mediterranean can you swim with an ancient Roman aqueduct behind you (and behind that, Netanyahu's house) and more ancient ruins from the time of King Herod under the water in front of you? Organized scuba outings will reveal another world just offshore. Less crowded and sexier midweek.

7. Akhziv

Sexy northerner! That's what this beach, part of the Akhziv Beach National Park, is. Just a few miles north of Nahariya (near Rosh Hanikra and the Lebanese border) is where you'll find a rocky but accessible shoreline, inlets and lagoons, and a natural sea-water pool. There are also broad lawns and antiquities. Let that Israeli sun shine in!

8. Atlit

The medieval fortress of Athlit is situated on a rocky spur between two bays, on the site of an ancient Phoenician town. The site itself is sealed off by the military, but in front about two miles of golden beach beckon. Hotties from Haifa are known to favor this strip of sand, and the hotter it gets, well...don't go looking for changing areas, because there aren't any.

9. Eilat beaches

At Eilat we're taking it down south about as far it goes--in Israel, at any rate. This is the southernmost point in the country. Eilat is a hot spot with family-friendly beach areas by most of the larger hotels. A recent Gay Pride in Eilat signaled the Red Sea resort town's arrival as a party spot; head to Hasmehim Beach to let your hair down.

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