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The top destinations in Israel include Jerusalem, the official capital city, Tel Aviv, the commercial and cultural capital, and the ancient desert fortress city of Masada. But Israel packs a lot of variety into its small size. The Galilee, Negev Desert and Red Sea resort of Eilat are also popular spots you'll want to consider making part of your Israel travel plans.
  1. Tel Aviv
  2. Jerusalem
  3. Masada and the Dead Sea

Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is the kind of place where, like New York City, you can spend a few hours and have the experience of a lifetime, or stay much longer -- and not even begin to scratch the surface. Unless spiritual or religious travel is the focus of your trip to Israel, Tel Aviv will be a highlight of your stay.


Jerusalem, the Holy City: it's perhaps the best-known religious city on Earth. Here you will find sites sacred to three major world religions. The compact ancient city, surrounded by a 465-year old wall, never fails to amaze visitors with its extraordinary history. There is also a rich cultural life in Jerusalem.

Masada and the Dead Sea

For reasons of geography (stark and stunning) and history (it's heartbreaking), Masada and the Dead Sea are Israel's ultimate desert highlights. Your photographic journey starts here.

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